If you want to have a high-quality advertisement, you must fulfill the two most important conditions: to attract the attention of potential buyers and to make your content memorable to them. We have TV advertising, which is the most popular type of advertising, and people spend large amounts of money on it. On the other hand, we have spectators who mute or change the channel when the set of commercials appear, stating their disagreement.

Pay-per-clickThis is one of the reasons why people choose the Internet; here they can avoid boring commercials. However, commercial have found its way even here; we can now find banners, pictures, video contents, video games popping out of our screen, they always have the contra effect, and they can be irritating.

It turned out that users ignore such type of advertising because it bothers them, so they don’t give them too much of their time. It has been proven that advertising companies don’t make large amounts of money with this type of promotion.

So, we have a question now, how to create an add on the internet and to make a memorable message so that user remembers it, even though he ignores all types of internet advertising. The simple answer would be: make him!

Different types of websites, blogs, forums and similar contents require from a user to have an account, which further requires human verification, by which you are confirming that you are a human being and not a robot. To fill in a human verification, you need to type numbers and letters in a captcha box, and these symbols don’t have some reasonable meaning.

It takes approximately 14 seconds to fill in human verification and this activity happen 280 million of times during the day, which is 124 years of human attention every day. That much of human attention goes in vain every day, while some people who are in online advertising business will give anything to have.Mixed-race-man-using-laptop-in-living-room

That is why some researchers have come up with the idea to put a commercial into human verification box. In that way, they will have multiple uses, people will pay attention to their content, human verification will be shorter from 14 seconds to 7 seconds. Some research shows that this type of advertising gives 12 times better results than classical banners and the messages are easily memorable, because users write them in verification box.

This represents one of the types of native advertising, which is the future of internet marketing and it has the number of variations, but basically, it is the serious alternative to banners which are slowly starting to disappear from the internet because of so-called banner blindness.bannerblindness-stats

Types of commercial presented on TV or radio that are based on interrupting the user in some activity are slowly dying. On the other hand, native advertising, which doesn’t interrupt the user while performing some activity has shiny future in online marketing and advertising.